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Community-Based Minneapolis Lawyers

So you’re facing a legal issue. Maybe you saw it coming, or perhaps you never thought this could happen to you. Either way, you probably have a thousand thoughts, worries and questions running through your head: What should I do next? How can I protect myself? How do I know I’m choosing the right attorney?

Building Ties in Minnesota

At Flakne Law, our firm is built upon the principle of really getting to know our clients and building long-lasting ties within our community. We’re proud to have served clients in Minneapolis and beyond for many years, and many of the relationships we’ve established, both personal and professional, are still standing strong.

Educate Yourself!

We believe an educated client is a successful one. When you learn everything you can about the legal issue you’re dealing with, you’ll be coming from a position of strength if you have to face court. It’s also very important that you choose an attorney you can work well with. By educating yourself you’ll know what questions to ask a lawyer about your particular situation, so you can really grill them and test their ability to handle your problem. The lawyers of Flakne Law want you to challenge them with questions, and we’re ready to take your call. We believe in taking the time to teach you the specifics about your situation so you have the best chance of protecting yourself and your future.

A Practice For All Your Legal Needs

Our attorneys are skilled in various fields of law, and together we create a comprehensive law firm that can handle just about any case. If you’re dealing with a legal issue, Flakne Law can help. We offer assistance in the following areas of practice:

Family Law

Divorce is difficult no matter how you try to paint it, and comes with all kinds of smaller issues. We handle it all, from alimony and spousal support, property division and domestic abuse to child custody and child support. Having to split up your family is tough. Whether you’ve decided to file for divorce or have already been served, we can help.

Criminal Defense

Life has handed you lemons, and now you’re trying to make your proverbial lemonade. We like lemonade, but being accused of a crime is no summer treat. If you’re facing criminal charges for whatever reason, you need a lawyer who can stand up to the fire. We’ll defend your case against various criminal charges, including assault, DUIs and DWIs, domestic violence and felonies, including drug charges.

Estate Planning

No, wills and trusts aren’t just for old people and the rich. Everyone should have some sort of estate and asset protection for when the worst inevitably happens. At Flakne Law we offer a full range of estate planning services, from wills and trusts to dealing with probate. Let us draft an estate plan that works for you and your family.

A Minnesota Family Business Helping Clients Since 1924

Flakne Law is a family business that’s been around for more than 90 years. It was established by Kleve Flakne, who was a distinguished trial lawyer in Minnesota from 1924 until his death in 1960. Gary Flakne, practiced law from 1960 until his retirement in 2014. Gary and Brian practiced together starting in 1981, after Gary left the Hennepin County Attorney’s office. The Firm is currently owned and managed by Brian Flakne, who takes pride in maintaining the family business and its dedication to always placing the interests of its clients first.

If you’re looking for an experienced Minneapolis family law or criminal defense lawyer who will be personally devoted to your case, call Flakne Law at (952) 888-9304. We will do our best to get in touch with you shortly.